At Titan’s Roofing, our goal is always to secure your first line of defense when it comes to the outdoor elements. Water, no matter the form that it takes (rain, snow, sleet, ice), will find a way to penetrate any weaknesses that might exist in your roofing system. Our roofs are capable of standing up to the wear and tear brought on by a Western New York winter. However, we’re here not only to install roof but also to assist when water leaks end up occurring.

Many roof leaks are fairly simple to repair, but sometimes the most difficult part can be determining the source of the leak. When our clients see that there is a drip somewhere in their ceiling, they often assume, understandably, that the leak is originating above that point in the roof. However, leaks often originate somewhere else and then begin to travel down rafters. They can prove to be very tricky to diagnose.

The leak in your roof might be caused by any number of things. Familiarize yourself with the following list of possibilities so that you might be able to determine it’s source:

Water Stains/Leaking Ceilings

Roofing Problems That Cause Leaks


  • missing, cracked or loose shingles
  • damaged or deteriorated caulking
  • improper attic ventilation
  • improper shingle installation
  • ice dams
  • ponding water

If you’re having leakage problems, contact the licensed, fully-insured professionals at Titan’s Roofing. We’ll meet all of your home’s exterior needs. Let us carry the weight!