Your roof is obviously the first barrier of defense against the elements when it comes to your home or business. Flashing is an essential part of your roofing system. When it is installed correctly, it is essential in preventing water intrusion at various locations on your roof.

What is flashing?

Flashing helps direct the flow of water around any openings. It is a protective seal that prevents water intrusion at areas such as skylights, chimneys, dormers and vents. It is a critical preventative measure for moisture damage when water is most prone to penetrate a roof’s surface. If water seeps into these openings, it can get into your home’s walls, deteriorating the building, causing structural damage, and creating moisture and mold problems. Weather an oxidation is the most common reasons for flashing deterioration, but they can also just come loose. Checking your flashing regularly can help prevent issues that cause water to enter your home.

Where is flashing the most important?

Flashing is important at all roof penetrations, including edges, valleys, joints and any grooves, gaps, intersections and projections on the roof of any structure.

How can improperly installation damage a roof?

Poorly installed flashing can have severely damaging effects. It can lead to premature deterioration of roof joints, so it is absolutely imperative to have it installed correctly the first time.

Properly installed flashing will go a long way in helping you maintain your investment! When you’re ready for a new roof, contact Titan’s Roofing. and we will provide you with a free estimate!