Now that winter is over it is time to survey the damage caused by the cold weather. Spring roof maintenance is a necessary part of extending the lifespan of your roof and protecting your homes integrity. So when taking a look at your roof this spring, look out for these areas of concern.


The main function of sour gutter system is to remove water from your roof. This helps prevent pooling and moisture buildup, prevent damage to your homes structure, and discourage mold growth. If neglected, leaves, sticks and other debris can become clogged in your gutters. Obstructions cause leaky roofs or water damage, so knowing how to properly maintain and clean your gutters is an integral part to protecting your home’s well being. It is critical to clean your gutters once or twice a year. Remove debris by hand or with a garden trowel, then wash them out with water to clean out the remaining dirt. Cleaning gutters can be a messy, time consuming and dangerous task. You may want to call a professional who can clean and repair your gutters for you. After cleaning, be proactive about trimming tree overhangs and large branches.


Age, severe weather, poor workmanship, defective materials, and abuse are common causes of roof system failures. Look for visible signs of damage on your roof, like missing shingles, warping, discoloration, or grain loss. Early detection is the key to detecting faults and weaknesses that lead to larger problems. Damage to your roof can cause infestation or leaks. Once the elements are able to attack the protective roofing underlayment on your roof, you might be close to experiencing costly moisture problems and total roofing system failure. Don’t forget to inspect soffits, fascias and vents for animal nests and debris. If your roof is damaged, depending on the amount of damage, you can either repair your roof or replace it. 


Flashings are the metal strips that seal gaps and prevent water from seeping under shingles. Checked and repaired flashings as needed. Over time, wind and weather can loosen flashings, which can cause water damage inside your home. Check around your chimney, any skylights, and valley regions.  Also, be sure to check that the roof tar around your flashings is not dried out. Dried out roof tar can cause leaks and infestation at the area. When dealing with flashing repair, it is best to not attempt to do it yourself. Flashing damage should be repaired by a professional who can properly inspect the damage to your roof around the flashing.

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