It’s no surprise that decorating our homes often involves climbing up on ladders and rooftops to reach high places. However, this seemingly harmless task can quickly lead to serious injuries. One of the main reasons for this is that most people are not used to working at heights and may underestimate the risks involved.

Another factor contributing to these accidents is the rush to get everything done in time for the holiday season. As we all know, the holiday season can be busy with lots of things on our to-do list. This can cause people to take shortcuts and not properly secure their ladders or use the wrong type of ladder for the job.

Tips for Safe Decorating

So how can you avoid becoming a holiday decorating injury statistic? Here are some key tips to keep in mind when decorating your home this season:

  • Use a sturdy, well-maintained ladder: Before starting any decorating tasks, make sure your ladder is in good condition and can safely support your weight. If it’s damaged or too short for the job, don’t use it.
  • Set up your ladder properly: Always place your ladder on a flat, level surface and make sure all four legs are firmly planted on the ground. Also, remember to keep the base of the ladder at least 1 foot away from the wall for every 4 feet of height.
  • Use the right type of ladder: For cleaning gutters or hanging lights, a step ladder is usually sufficient. However, if you need to reach higher areas like your roof, use an extension ladder instead.
  • Don’t rush: Take your time and don’t feel pressured to finish everything in one day. It’s better to spread out the decorating over a few days and work safely, rather than risking an injury by rushing.
  • Have someone hold the ladder: Whenever possible, have someone hold the base of your ladder while you’re working on it. This can provide extra stability and prevent slips or falls.
  • Use proper safety equipment: If you’re working on a roof, always use a harness and make sure it’s properly anchored. Also, wear appropriate footwear with good grip to prevent slips.
  • Know your limits: If you’re uncomfortable or unsure about doing something, don’t attempt it. It’s better to hire a professional than risk getting injured.